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Premium Korean Style

K-fashion, which borrows its roots since King Gojong’s Silk Hat andd the Gibson Girl (1894 – 1920), has been alluded to be the next Korean Wave. Korean fashion has been evolving to the present characteristic of possessing unique silhouette and subtle yet eye catching.

“I think Korean fashion possesses exquisite cuts, superior quality, sophisticated color sense, and restrained details that avoid excessiveness. These strengths are found not just in the collections created by Korean designers, but begin in Koreans’ ways of life and attitudes. So while Korea may be relatively less well known for fashion, I’m certain the country will soon attain great global popularity for its attractive designs marrying Eastern and Western styles.”

Gerald Tesson

Buyer for Parisian department store, Le Bon Marché

“The hats and costumes and details were just so fantastic, I asked to see more. They bought me books, and then I spent several days visiting the Korean Museum in New York. I was captivated.”

Carolina Herrera

Fashion Designer, Comment on Hanbok

“South Korea is shaping up as the next hotbed of innovative menswear, with three of its most prominent designers (Juun J., Songzio, and Wooyoungmi) creating tailoring with a twist for an international audience just as Seoul itself is becoming something of a fashion center.”

The New York Times

June 21, 2009

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